Ladder Lock

This Ladder Lock Pro allows contractors the ability to lock their ladder in place to perform work on the roof. The Ladder Lock Pro is made of lightweight aluminum and installs in minutes by attaching the upper ladder step to the rooftop using three screws. The innovative product increases ladder safety for all roofing contractors, building inspectors, firemen, and everyone else that has to access the roof by climbing a ladder.


         The Ladder Lock Pro can be purchased with a flat or angled option to accommodate different types of roofs, and can be attached to any upright ladder using a locking pin. The Ladder Lock Pro Kick-Out option attaches to the ground, preventing the ladder from slipping. The Ladder Lock Pro Vertical option attaches to a building’s vertical wall to prevent side-to-side slippage. The Ladder Lock Pro Angle attaches to sloped or angled roofs, as well as flat roofs, to also prevent side-to-side slippage.

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