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Lake Tahoe Ski Lodge Achieves Classic Look of Wood Shake Roof

by Maria McDonagh-Forde, CertainTeed Corporation


From Western Roofing May/Jun ’12


Surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains near the north shores of Lake Tahoe in Truckee, Calif., Martis Camp, a new 2,177-acre private custom-home community, pays tribute to the ski resort designs of yesteryear, especially with its social center, the Camp Lodge. Martis Camp management, DMB Inc. and Highlands Group, and the Camp Lodge’s architect, Swaback Partners, of Scottsdale, Ariz., wanted to create a long-lasting building with timeless visual appeal, a blend of classic, rustic ski resort design with some more contemporary sustainable techniques. One important step in achieving this goal was selecting durable, high-performance roofing shingles that would stand up to the harsh Lake Tahoe winters and look good while doing it.

For the Camp Lodge roof, Martis Camp and Swaback Partners chose CertainTeed Presidential Shake TL luxury shingles for its ability to create a unique and timeless look in a durable tri-laminate asphalt shingle with a lifetime limited warranty. The roof design called for the installation of two different shingle colors, Spanish Red and Charcoal Black, in an alternating row pattern to create a unique striped look. Martis Camp hired Hayhoe Construction, of Tustin, Calif., to build Camp Lodge, and the general contractor hired HD Roofing, of Truckee, to install the lodge’s roof. The job had to be done by June 2011 to allow preparation time for the lodge’s grand opening a month after.

HD Roofing began work in June 2010 with a crew of 12 and 500 squares of shingles delivered by Washoe Building Supply, of Sparks, Nevada. Crewmembers accessed the roof with a hydraulic lift from one point in the rear of the building and carefully navigated their way around the expansive roof with safety ropes and harnesses. Washoe Building Supply helped provide easier access to the shingles by lifting them to the roof by the pallet with a crane truck.

First, the crew installed a layer of ice-and-water shield underlayment over the wooden roof deck and then began nailing the shingles over the underlayment. Parts of the lodge were still being built as the roofers completed their portion of the project, forcing them to work around other subcontractors or wait for them to complete their work.

“There was a lot going on all at once,” says Matt Meagher, owner of HD Roofing. “At one end of the building you had framing going up and on the other end you had finish work being done. Thanks to good cooperation with the other trades, though, everything ran smoothly.”

One of the biggest challenges HD Roofing encountered during the installation was installing the shingles in their intended stripe pattern with a roof that frequently changed pitch. The roof, at its highest point is approximately 40’ off the ground, and the average roof pitch is 7:12. Variances in pitch, however, could go as low as 3:12 and as high as 8:12. “We had to use a different number of rows of one color to get it to match up with the adjacent roof section,” Meagher says. “That added a ton of time on to the installation. Had the roof just been one color, it would have been much simpler. I’ll admit, I was kind of skeptical about how the stripes would look on the roof, but after seeing it, it looks really good.”

Another challenge was a winter with record-setting snowfalls that set in when HD Roofing was halfway done with the project. They were forced to take off during snowy days and put in extra hours as soon as the weather cleared up. “It was a tough winter,” Meagher says. “Every time we had decent, clear weather, we were working seven days a week to stay on schedule. You can’t roof in the snow, but any time we had a window of clear weather, we had a crew out there working.”

To protect the unfinished product from snow damage, the crew also had to put tarps down over the workspace at the end of each workday. In addition to shingles, the crew installed 16-ounce copper flashing along the roof and around the lodge’s eyebrow dormers, with CertainTeed WinterGuard HT waterproofing underlayment beneath it for extra protection from snow and ice.

By working extra hours on clear days, HD Roofing was able to stay on schedule. They finished at the end of May 2011, just in time to turn the building over to the property owners. HD Roofing’s work has been praised by both Martis Camp homeowners and management. “Camp Lodge is a spectacular facility, and it has been very well received by our homeowners,” says Jason Hansford, vice president of construction at Martis Camp. “We’re very pleased with HD Roofing’s work. It’s a big roof, and they were able to keep up with the schedule and cooperate well with the other contractors.”

Martis Camp has a total of 653 homesites of varying sizes, with more than 46 custom homes already built and 81 currently in construction. Homeowners have year-round access to several family-friendly recreational amenities, including direct ski access to Northstar at Tahoe(TM) ski resort and a Tom Fazio 18-hole golf course.

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