Safety Guide

Gear Keeper® has released Safety Engineer’s Guide to Tool Tethering, a free 16-page safety guide that contains a selection of ergonomically designed personal and anchored tool tethers that increase safety and reduce worker fatigue. Over 50 proprietary products, including many new additions, are described. The guide is available on the company’s website and will help safety engineers find tethers that add convenience to the user and are specifically appropriate for the task and the work environment.

The new guide introduces Gear Keeper’s Vest-Mounted Tether, a low-profile safety system that is less obtrusive and cumbersome than bulky coils or cables. Mounted in a vest pocket, it keeps valuable small gear easily accessible but safe and out of the way. This unique tethering system includes a complete range of appropriate tethers for securing a hard hat, pen/pencil, smart phone, tablet/large radio, tape measure, tool tether, small radio tether, and a variety of small hand tools.

An illustrated tether reference aids users in choosing the proper ANSI-121 compliant tether for each type of tool is included in the Safety Engineer’s Guide to Tool Tethering. The guide also provides information on how even seemingly untetherable tools can be safely tethered. This multi-page section contains over 50 demonstration photos of the loop, cinch, and secure method that illustrate the guide’s tool attachment theories such as swivel connection tools and attaching tools with minimal geometry. New products are also featured that address difficult workplace considerations such as tethers for working in confined quarters or climbing, tethers that allow for quick interchangeability of tools, and tethers designed to anchor a heavy tool to a structure instead of a person.

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