Perfection Award

Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal, a specialty roofing contractor in the Pacific Northwest and Southern California, has been honored with Carlisle® SynTec Systems’ 2019 Perfection Award for the seventh consecutive year. Each year, the manufacturer of single-ply roofing materials presents this award to a small percentage of contractors for whom perfection is the highest priority.

Additionally, Columbia Roofing has been named to the Carlisle’s 2019 Perfection Council. This is the fourth time Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal has been named to this exclusive industry council. A history of flawless roof installations and excellent warranty claim performance make Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal one of only 35 contractors in North America invited to sit on Carlisle’s 2019 Perfection Council.

To qualify for Carlisle’s Perfection Council, contractors must complete a minimum amount of warranted work and number of jobs per year. Council members are then selected based on installation quality, warranty claim performance, and commitment to ongoing training. To be eligible for Carlisle’s Perfection Award, a contractor must have established a seven-year track record of exceptional installation quality and excellence warranty claim performance. The award is Carlisle’s way to recognize contractors who are dedicated to superlative quality and outstanding service.

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