Metal Flashings Standard

The Metal Construction Association (MCA) has released a new standard for testing the performance of metal flashings used with metal roofing systems. The standard, ANSI/MCA FTS-1-2019, Test Method for Wind Load Resistance of Flashings Used with Metal Roof Systems is available now on the MCA’s website. Metal roofing systems of all types have proven to perform well in high winds. Properly detailed and installed, metal roofing typically withstands the forces of nature better than most traditional roof systems. However, when a roof failure does occur, research shows that flashing failure can contribute to the event. In response, the MCA launched an initiative to create this new standard.

Flashings are fabricated sheets of aluminum, copper, steel, zinc, or other metals used to help weatherproof a building. For low-slope roofing, flashings are at the perimeter of the roof. On steep-slope roofs they’re at eaves, gables, hips, and ridges.

The standard consists of four key sections: Test Apparatus, Test Specimen, Loading Procedure, and Test Report. The MCA will be proposing that testing metal roof flashings per this standard be included in the next version of the International Building Code in 2024. Meanwhile, the standard is available to specifiers and manufacturers of metal roof systems to assure proper performance of the edge flashings with metal roof systems and assemblies.

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