Construction Lobbying

Cotney Construction Law, a national law firm for construction, specialty trades, and OSHA law, has announced the launch of a lobbying arm for the construction industry, Cotney Construction Lobbying. Employing professionals with backgrounds in law, business, politics, and construction, Cotney Construction Lobbying will provide comprehensive lobbying and government advocacy services for construction firms, associations, contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers. It will also support contractors in the development of effective bid packages to successfully secure government projects.

Cotney Construction Lobbying is committed to promoting the industry’s agenda and ensuring that the collective voice of the industry is being heard. The lobbying team will be led by Trent Cotney, who has advocated for the construction industry since 1999. He currently serves as general counsel of several construction associations and actively participates in molding contractor-friendly statutes, rules, and regulations on the local, state, and national levels.

Cotney Construction Law has been actively involved in testifying on OSHA, licensing, and regulatory issues while also helping to develop effective bid packages for government projects. Cotney Construction Lobbying was created to support associations, contractors, and the greater construction industry in helping contractors succeed.

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