Iconic Copper Roof Restoration

Copper Lives On at Desert Mountain Club in Scottsdale, Arizona

by Brett Reichard, account manager, Tecta America Arizona

From Western Roofing Mar/Apr ’15

Desert Mountain Club in Scottsdale, Arizona is an upscale, private residential community that boasts not only great weather and rugged desert scenery, but also outstanding amenities. Included in that list of amenities are six Jack Nicklaus Signature golf courses. Two of the most prominent courses, Cochise and Geronimo, share one spectacular and iconic clubhouse. The Cochise-Geronimo clubhouse has long been a favorite in the community and a visual masterpiece for the surrounding area. Desert Mountain Club was scheduled to host a PGA golf event at this particular site in late October 2014, making the necessary roofing solution a top priority.

One of the most recognizable features of the CG clubhouse is its copper panel roof. The roof was not only chosen for its preferred design features but also its longevity. While those features have proved exceptional during its almost 30 year existence, something was not performing so well below the copper panels themselves, the underlayment. After almost a decade of experiencing minor to major leak events, it became painfully apparent that leak repairs were no longer able to keep the clubhouse dry during most rainstorms. A more aggressive attack had to be mounted and Tecta America® of Phoenix, Arizona, was chosen to provide that solution.

In May of 2014, after much thought, planning, and fact finding for the correct solution, the process of replacing the underlayment was started. The existing underlay that was used in the original build was nothing more than house wrap, something better had to be found, something that would not only take the extreme temperatures of the Arizona summers and copper, but provide a real watertight roof system for another quarter century or more. Boral TileSeal® 50 was chosen for its many preferable characteristics, not the least of which are its high temperature conformity, non-slip, self-adhering nature along with a special fabric surface that was preferred for the movement of copper during constant expansion/contraction cycles. In the end, its 25-year product warranty was also a big attribute.

One of the many challenges with this project was that the entire work area is flanked by two golf courses, not to mention a very busy clubhouse. The golf courses and the clubhouse were to remain open without disruption during the process of removing and replacing over 1000 copper panels. This required that the crew and work area were to remain as veiled as possible during the entire project. To best meet those needs, small 500-2000 sq.ft. sections were removed and finished at a time. This process offered the best opportunity for success; the clubhouse could remain open and the attention to detail could be achieved by Tecta America.

During the next few months, work progressed on schedule even while dodging the somewhat dicey Arizona monsoon weather. Accompanying the replacement of the underlayment and reinstallation of copper panels were additional items. Some of those items were the resealing of all external caulking joints and terminations with the proper 795 black silicone. Cleaning, resealing, and some replacement of the integral mid-roof copper gutters was also necessary. In addition, the integrated tempered glass skylights were cleaned, resealed, and their aluminum frames painted black again.

With the addition of those items, it was important to enhance the project value further with the inclusion of periodic progress reports and independent inspections given directly to ownership through Louis Hunt, Professional Roof Management roofing consultants, Phoenix, Arizona. This added that little extra piece of mind to all involved that the work and the scope was being performed to the high standards that Tecta America and ownership required and that if there were questions about processes or materials they would come up early and could be easily addressed.

In the end, this project was a success in every sense of the word. It was completed without delay, on time, and on budget. The partnership created by Desert Mountain Club, Inc. and Tecta America of Arizona was a success and one that will continue to produce results with future roofing solutions.

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