Pro Rewards Program

TAMKO® Pro Certified Contractors can already offer homeowners an enhanced roof warranty at no additional cost, but now they can earn cash back on all eligible TAMKO roofing products through new enhancements to the TAMKO Pro Rewards Program. TAMKO Pro Rewards offers credit on purchases of TAMKO’s popular shingle lines, including all Heritage® line shingles, MetalWorks® steel shingles, and TAMKO’s Elite Glass-Seal® 3-tab shingles. TAMKO Pros can also earn cash back on many TAMKO accessory products like Hip and Ridge, Starter Shingles, and Moisture Guard®, as well as TAMKO’s family of ventilation products. The new Pro Rewards promotion applies to eligible purchases made by TAMKO Pro Certified Contractors in 2019, and pays back as much as $4 per square depending on the product purchased.

To qualify for cash back on eligible products, TAMKO Pros must reach a minimum purchase of 1,000 squares. The flexibility of earning cash back means virtually unlimited options for spending the rewards. Additionally, the rebates are distributed via check or direct deposit for the contractor’s convenience. TAMKO is also making it faster and easier for TAMKO Pros to submit their purchases for the rewards program with a new electronic system in the TAMKO Pro-dedicated portion of the company’s website. This will streamline the process for submitting, processing, and tracking TAMKO Pro Rewards to reduce the time contractors spend doing paperwork and get them back on the roof.

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