Tremco® Roofing and Building Maintenance has enhanced its popular line of modified bitumen (MB) roofing solutions with POWERply® Endure™ MB Membranes. These membranes are based on time-tested roofing technology that has kept buildings dry in even the harshest environments. Four new innovations improve waterproofing and overall durability, stop the spread of water, and enable component tracking.

Factory-applied granule surfacing protects the system from UV exposure, which is vital to its longevity, and provides resistance to fire. Over time, granule loss can significantly damage the roof. With the GranuLock™ Surface Treatment, POWERply Endure membranes perform ten times better than the industry standard, amounting to increased waterproofing protection and fire resistance.

Durability is a MB system’s most important feature, after waterproofing. By enhancing its already advanced asphalt chemistry, POWERply Endure membranes are firmer under foot than competitive membranes, resisting traffic damage, marring, and the wear and tear of long-term exposure to the elements. A tougher membrane means a longer roof life. POWERply Endure Membranes incorporate an industry-first anti-wick fabric treatment, which reduces the potential for moisture to wick into and travel up the reinforcing fabric.

Roofing membranes occasionally must be identified after installation, so all POWERply Endure Membrane rolls include a radio frequency identification chip. The RooF-ID™ Identification Chip can be scanned and the information quickly relayed to Tremco Roofing, which will take any required action quickly and efficiently. POWERply Endure Membranes can be installed in a variety of hot and cold adhesives, and form exceptionally durable, waterproof roofs when paired with POWERply Endure BIO Adhesive. This cold process, 100% solids adhesive has virtually no odor and is fully cured and watertight within 24 hours of application, which can significantly reduce the length of many roofing projects. Its strong, durable bond provides excellent wind uplift resistance, withstanding forces up to 300 psf, which is comparable to what a roof experiences during a hurricane.

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