Verification Program

The Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association International’s (RIMA-I) voluntary Product Verification Program allows member manufacturers the opportunity to take their product/business to the next level by having their products verified through the association using a third-party accredited laboratory. The association launched this Product Verification Program because so many business professionals and consumers wanted to know if the products they are purchasing were properly tested and would perform as expected.

RIMA-I’s Product Verification Program identifies reflective products that have fulfilled test requirements in accordance with the current applicable ASTM standards. Products will be classified in one of five categories: reflective insulation, radiant barrier-vapor transmitting, interior radiation control coating, facer materials, or radiant barrier/vapor barrier. RIMA-I utilizes an independent, accredited testing and inspection laboratory that will determine if the product’s physical properties comply with the appropriate standards. Technical data sheets, ASTM-compliant testing documents, as well as websites containing performance data will be cross-checked for accuracy. Once all products within a category have been approved, each product will be assigned a unique verification code, which the company can then use on their product, website, company literature, and other marketing materials.

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