Ridge Riser

Hips and ridges are critical intersections of all roofs that can be used to ventilating a breathable roof system, which enables the roof to last longer and perform better. They require careful weather blocking to maintain their integrity. TRA Snow and Sun, a provider of high-quality snow retention, solar mounting systems, and flexible roof flashing and ventilation products made from durable and dependable materials, has introduced its Ridge RiserĀ®, which saves both the installer and the homeowner money.

Ridge Riser elevates that ridge board so that there is air movement from the eave all the way up and out through the ridge. This cools the attic and roof system and extends the life of the underlayment. The homeowner saves on air conditioning costs because roof and attic areas only need to inventory 2x2s instead of multiple lumber dimensions. This keeps costs down and saves on the labor and expense of wrapping underlayment around the wood.

Ridge Riser elevates the nailing board for proper ventilation, has pre-scored bend lines for adjustable height and slope, is easily applied for hip and ridge tiles, fits all tile profiles at the hips and ridges, has long-term durability, and can be used on concrete and clay tile roofs.



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