Seismic Safety

New Roof for University Building in Riverside, California

by Melissa Jensen, IB Roof Systems

It’s commonly called a Moss Mantid.  This bug is known for being a master of disguise.  It can use color and structure to adapt to its surroundings.  Those just happen to be two goals set forth when the University of California, Riverside, decided to build a new Entomology building.  The main hub for students studying insects was built for its structural soundness; it needed to be seismically safe. It also needed to blend in with the rest of campus.  That’s where IB Roof Systems comes in.

Most buildings on the campus have a tar and gravel roof.  To achieve an aged look, the roof is then painted a patina green.  Ted Chiu, associate director of the Office of Design and Construction at the University of California, Riverside, said that when planning for this construction, they wanted to use a single-ply membrane.  They were looking for one that would offer long-term protection and at the same time, blend in with the campus.  IB was able to prepare a custom color to match their existing buildings, in the exact amount needed to cover this project.

The University of California built this new facility as part of a plan to phase out older structures.  However, they didn’t want to lose that one factor that links all their buildings together, the patina green roof.  Five of the buildings formerly used for entomology were anywhere from 50 to 70 years old.  The new facility would cover more than 67,000 sq.ft. and house some 20 research groups, the department’s administrative offices, and even a museum.

Contractor Larry Malekow, owner of Howard Roofing, Pomona, California, brought IB to the table, offering exactly what the University needed.  IB Roof Systems designed a specification to work with the structure’s concrete deck.  First, it called for applying an ISO tapered insulation system with asphalt to provide the necessary slope to direct the water to the drains.  Next, IB CPA 80 mil custom color patina green was then fully adhered to the tapered system below.  Construction took place over the course of several months in the fall of 2001.

The University of California, Riverside, built its new Entomology building to replace other facilities that had been used for nearly 100 years.  Now, with the help of IB Roof Systems, this latest structure will be there to take students and professors into the 21st century.

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