Redesigned Underlayment

Polyglass® U.S.A. Inc., a manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing solutions for low-slope and steep-slope applications, has announced that Polystick® MU-X self-adhered, high-temperature underlayment has been redesigned. A secondary water barrier for roof coverings, Polystick MU-X features an enhanced black polypropylene film, improving membrane walkability and reducing bleed-through.






Polystick MU-X is designed especially for high-temperature environments. It is rated as temperature resistant to 250°F and has an exposure window of 90 days for job flexibility. Polystick MU-X features a proprietary SBS modified bitumen upper compound and patented ADESO® dual-compound self-adhered technology on the bottom side of the reinforcement. A split-release film on the bottom of the roll allows for ease of application. Convenient 3” lay lines printed on both edges allow bi-directional installation, saving time and labor.

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