Layout Marks

Roofers’ Advantage Products, LLC, (RAP) has been granted its third patent in the line of patents for their layout starter and field shingle for sloped asphalt roofing. After its creation in 2013, RAP has quickly grown its IP Portfolio, with numerous patented and patent pending roofing products. These recent patents grant layout marks placed on starter shingles, starter rolls, and the front or back of field shingles. It is notable, that such marks placed on shingles eliminate the use of a tape measure, simplifies the roofing process, and ensures uniformity while reducing the number of tools required up on the roof. In general, the starter shingle or starter roll becomes the tape measure and marks on the front or back of shingles aid in accurate cutting of books and shingle placement, while providing for patented nail placement.

As roofing professionals by trade, the founders of RAP are well aware of the day-to-day needs of roofing contractors in the field. When RAP approaches a contract, the company looks at ways to make the work easier for the men and women doing the work. RAP is seeking a strategic alliance with one or several shingle manufacturers who are looking for a truly revolutionary line of asphalt shingles.

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