Atlas® Roofing Corporation has proudly announced its sponsorship of National Women in Roofing (NWIR), an organization dedicated to revisioning women’s position and degree of influence in the roofing industry, and of the organization’s national event as part of the 2019 International Roofing Expo. Women make up less than 2% of roofing professionals in the United States. NWIR and its business partners, including Atlas Roofing, are working to increase that number.

NWIR is a game-changing organization, one that works tirelessly to promote women’s participation in roofing. Atlas is proud to support and be a voice for the women in the industry, and the company will do whatever it can to foster their growth and success and inspire more women to pursue careers in the field. Sponsorships such as the one with Atlas provide a larger platform from which NWIR can share its mission.

Since its founding more than three decades ago, Atlas Roofing Corporation has developed and launched countless innovative, quality roofing products. These products include designer and architectural roof shingles, roof underlayments, residential and commercial polyiso roof and wall insulation, molded polystyrene, board facers and slipsheets, and more.

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