Tool Review: Portable Power

Lightweight Cordless Air Compressor Kit for Roofing Jobs

by Ali Turner, editorial assistant

DeWALT® continues to revolutionize jobsite convenience with the recent addition to their FLEXVOLT® cordless tool line. The FLEXVOLT 60V MAX 2.5 Gallon Cordless Air Compressor Kit offers the convenience and portability of a cordless tool, while still allowing contractors to use the pneumatic tools they need on a jobsite. Professionals recognize the FLEXVOLT line from DeWALT as being one of the strongest, yet flexible, power platforms on the market. The company has been placing a lot of time and energy into promoting their FLEXVOLT line, and the products continue to speak for themselves. This kit comes with a cordless air compressor, a FLEXVOLT lithium ion battery, and a fast charger.

The battery charge on DeWALT’s Air Compressor Kit is strikingly impressive, allowing for up to 1,220 nails per charge. This can be a real lifesaver for contractors working on a jobsite that does not have electricity running through it yet. Our team used the Air Compressor with DeWALT’s Pneumatic 15-Degree Coil Roofing Nailer to attach a few squares of asphalt shingles. We expected the air compressor, and in turn the roofing nailer, to slow down after a few minutes of continued use, but we were delighted to see the power remain the same throughout our nailing.

A new feature on DeWALT’s FLEXVOLT Air Compressor Kit is the OneTurn™ Regulator. According to DeWALT, this pressure regulator means you no longer have to fight with the dial. Our team was curious to find out what this new regulator style would mean for our nailing, and we were happy to report that we didn’t have to fuss with the regulator at all during our test run. It was smooth sailing from start to finish. We were also pleasantly surprised at the noise level of the kit. At only 79 dBA, the operational noise level of the air compressor would benefit residents, nearby neighbors, as well as the roofing professionals on the job.

For roofing jobs, the first benefit that sticks out clear as day is the safety of the tool. Without a long extension cord dangling across a roof, effectively making itself a trip/fall hazard, the cordless function of the air compressor kit makes it a valuable resource. Additionally, the compact size of the tool, even with the sturdy roll cage that keeps the compressor from jumping around while in use, allows it to be powerful without being burdensome. At only 21-1/2 lbs., the air compressor allows itself to be used on a variety of projects, no matter the location. Users can easily take it on a roof or to the basement without worrying about size or electricity.

DeWALT’s FLEXVOLT 60V MAX 2.5 Gallon Cordless Air Compressor Kit is a great option for both small and large jobs. It is also an ideal solution for making jobsites safer and more convenient, as the cordless feature eliminates trip and fall hazards and the impressive run time allows contractors to stay on the roof longer without having to switch out the battery. Jobsites that are bare-boned, without electricity, can also benefit from this cordless air compressor kit. DeWALT’s compact compressor is a safe, reliable addition to any roofing jobsite.

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