Waterproofing Drain

Contractors will be able to take their concrete waterproofing project to the next level with TAMKO®’s new TW-Drain 220, a drain mat designed with core and fabric construction to help keep water out of residential, multifamily, and light commercial projects. TW-Drain 220’s unique design allows for quick and simple installation.

TW-Drain 220 may be used for above-grade applications such as balcony/breezeways. TW-Drain 220’s dimpled drainage core and filter fabric help protect entry points from potential moisture penetration into buildings. With TAMKO’s TW-Drain 220, water flows through the dimpled core, rather than building up excess moisture within the concrete. This relieves hydrostatic pressure and leads to better protection for your project.







TW-Drain 220 comes in 50’ rolls with a 4’ width. TW-Drain 220 can be purchased now from TAMKO’s Columbus, Kansas, manufacturing facility with nationwide availability. Mixed truckload orders may be placed with TAMKO’s extensive line of additional waterproofing products.



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