Marketing Book

Heidi J. Ellsworth and Karen L. Edwards, consultants in the roofing industry focused on sales and marketing, have released a second book focused on marketing planning. As a follow up to their successful introductory-level book, Sales and Marketing for Roofing Contractors, the pair has teamed up again to publish the next book in the series, Building a Marketing Plan for Roofing Contractors.









The book serves as a guide and a workbook for contractors to understand each step and section of developing a strong marketing plan. It includes action items that allow contractors to answer the questions that will help them create their own marketing plan and identify the resources to help them implement that plan. With information that will help any small business, this book shows how to build a marketing plan and features an appendix with helpful templates that demonstrate the structure of the plan, a budget guideline, and other useful tools. Both books can be purchased on Amazon’s website or the NRCA bookstore. Ellsworth and Edwards are also available to speak to contractor audiences as part of training and educational programs. For more information visit their directory.

Ellsworth and Edwards have worked together in various roofing-oriented companies since 2006. They now collaborate on sales and marketing consulting focused on the construction field and specifically for roofing. Both are actively involved in, Ellsworth as a partner and Edwards as the site’s editor. They also have their own consulting companies, HJE Consulting and Casimir Group LLC respectively. Ellsworth consults for the NRCA and also has an ongoing marketing column in Western Roofing Magazine since 2014. Edwards writes for numerous roofing publications, while also leading Roofing Technology Think Tank communications and member engagement. They both also work with several industry manufacturers, service providers, and roofing contractors throughout the country.

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