Adhesive System

Metal Roofing can fail and leak due to screw fasteners that penetrate the metal panels, particularly in exposed fastener systems. Now homeowners have a new choice in their metal roofing systems with StealthBond®. StealthBond is an advanced metal roofing system that uses structural adhesive technology for metal roofing installations. The patented StealthBond System is made up of three components: the StealthConnector®, StealthBond Adhesive, and StealthBond Metal Roofing Panels. Eliminate exposed fasteners on traditional and ribbed metal roofing panels, trims, and flashing with a high-strength structural adhesive based metal roofing system.







Traditional 5V crimp and 3’ ribbed metal roofing installations require thousands of screws to fasten the roofing panels to the decking, which means thousands of surface penetrations. Not only can screw fasteners cause unsightly oil-canning or dimpling, but they can back out of the metal panels, leaving customers with holes and potential maintenance related issues. Eliminating screw fasteners eliminates potential maintenance-related issues. Architects and builders love the modern look of the StealthBond System and homeowners enjoy the clean look without the worry of ongoing maintenance.

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